Grovecrest Elementary

Grovecrest Elementary educators are committed to high levels of learning for every student by prioritizing student achievement, teacher effectiveness, and community engagement.


Our mission is to ensure high levels of learning for all, students and staff alike.

Vision for Learning

We follow Alpine School District’s Vision for Learning to help our students acquire the essential knowledge, skills, and dispositions in each content area, and the fundamental capacities of collaboration, critical thinking, communication, creativity, citizenship, and character.

School Overview

Grades Served 
Preschool – Grade 6

Mike Larson

Total Student Enrollment

Student Growth

Student Proficiency

School-Wide Achievement

As measured by school and grade level assessments, all students in Kindergarten through 6th grade will make growth towards proficiency in both Language Arts and Math.

Student Group Achievement

Students identified as needing Tier 2 and Tier 3 interventions will be supported by schoolwide structures and programs implemented for collective efficacy.

Student Connection

All students who attend Grovecrest Elementary will feel connected to the school through:
– School Greeters
– Weekly Recognition Assemblies
– (Grizz Kids, Positive Paws)
– Morning Meeting/InFocus 6 C Lessons
– Grover’s Den (Wellness Room)
– Grizz Award

Programs at the Core of Grovecrest

Utah Core Standards

Curriculum used by the teachers at Grovecrest Elementary is developed  by the Utah State Board of Education. The curriculum is a list of standards available at that delineates learning content essential for all students to be college & career ready. 

Ready Math

Ready Math is a program aligned closely with the Utah Core Standards which provide materials and lessons that create a rich classroom environment in which all students at all levels become active, problem solvers. The program contains separate materials for interventions & enrichment. 

Wonders Reading

Wonders Reading program is aligned closely with the Utah Core Standards. The lessons are utilized as a supplemental to teach the Utah Core Standards at the teacher’s discretion. The program provides research based scaffolding to ensure student success.

Intervention & Enrichment Programs

Grovecrest Elementary has a diverse set of learners with different needs. Some students need intervention to overcome struggles in learning. Other students master standards quickly and need extension opportunities to continue learning. We offer several programs and opportunities to meet these needs and ensure that all students learn at high levels.

Letrs Training

Letrs is a training program for teachers to strengthen their knowledge of how to develop the foundational literacy skills such as decoding and language comprehension with students. All classroom teachers participate two years in this extensive training to support reading. 

iReady Math

i-Ready is an online supplemental program to the core Ready math instruction program. This program helps teachers determine student’s needs, personalize their learning, provide intervention or enrichment, and monitor progress throughout the school year

95% Reading Intervention

The 95 Phonics Core Program is taught to 2nd and 3rd grade providing whole class instruction 20 minutes a day as part of a comprehensive reading and language arts program. The program additionally provides research based intervention lessons to help fill gaps that struggling readers may have. 


Each year Grovecrest students get to showcase their talents in the PTA Reflections competition. Given a theme, students communicate their thoughts through a variety of mediums–sculpture, music composition, art, photography and more. 

Coding Competition

Alpine School District organizes a coding competition throughout elementary schools in the month of March. Stay tuned for more information!

Grover's Den

In partnership with TestOut, Grovecrest’s Grover’s Den was created to give kids a place to take a time out. When students are having a difficult time processing their emotions, they are welcome to take a 5-10 minute break and resume their classroom activities. 

Specialty Classes at Grovecrest


Grovecrest Elementary is the proud recipient of the Beverly Taylor Sorenson (BTS) Art Grant. This funding provides art enrichment to all students.  


Computer classes introduce students to the basics of computer use, keyboarding, cyber-safety, coding, and the various software programs for academic purposes. 


Grovecrest students have the opportunity to attend Library once a week. During this time, students learn how use the library catalog, and the Dewey Decimal System. 


Music instruction is valued at Grovecrest. The program includes the use of pianos, ukuleles, drums, and other instruments to help students discover talents and build an understanding of the musical world. 

Physical Education

Grovecrest students have the opportunity to create foundations of health from an early age utilizing a curriculum developed to enhance all aspects of a student’s healthy living. 

Extracurricular Opportunities


Ballroom is an extra curricular activity offered after school for students in 3rd grade at up. Tryouts take place at the beginning of the school year.


Students in 4th through 6th grades are invited to join the excellent Grovecrest Grizzly Choir. Choir practice takes place three times a week before school. 

Musical Theater

On Saturday February 17th, Grovecrest is proud to present Robin Hood for this year’s school musical. Thanks to special volunteers help, students make this spectacular performance come to life. 

Kindness Club

Upper grade students (4-6) help spread kindness throughout the school. A number of other schools in PG and Lindon are working together on this kindness initiative. 

Student Council

6th Grade students have the opportunity to apply at the beginning of the year to be part of Grovecrest Elementary’s student council. Students attend a leadership conference, help with fundraising, plan & host assemblies, create school-wide events, and more. 

Grizzly Greeters

Research shows that when students are greeted in the morning, their day goes better. When we learned about this, we had to start it at Grovecrest. Watch out for fist bumps when you show up!

Drama Club

Come watch Tale of the Talents (retelling of Stone Soup) on Monday, December 11th @ 6:30 pm. 

Girls on the Run

Girls on the Run is more than just a running club. Leaders emphasize inspire confidence, kindness, and decision-making skills. This club is open for 4th-6th grade girls on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the spring. 

Traditions at Grovecrest

Boo Hoo Breakfast

Kindergarten parents gather after dropping their kids off on the first day for light breakfast and chat with the principal. 

PTA Carnival

This annual event is always well-attended by our Grovecrest community. There are booths, a petting zoo, baked goods, auction for themed baskets, spook alley, and more. 

Halloween Parade

Halloween at Grovecrest is done in style. Come join us at 9:30am in the gymnasium to see a parade of Halloween costumes old and new!

Veteran's Day

Veteren’s Day is celebrated each year at Grovecrest. Members and veterens of the armed forces are invited to attend a special assembly to be honored for their service.  

Turkey Trot

Can you see Mr. Larsen among this group of students running the Turkey Trot? It’s a 50-yard dash, run just before Thanksgiving Break. Students who place in the top 3 of their grade level earn turkeys, pies, and soda! 

The Christmas Sing

Grade levels gather together to participate in a sing-along of Christmas songs just before Christmas Break to spread Christmas cheer. 


Valentine’s Day is celebrated in style at Grovecrest. Valentine’s boxes dot the classrooms, and typically student council organizes some sort of Valentine-gram throughout the school.

State Capital

4th and 5th Graders culminate learning about state and national government with a trip to the capitol building for a tour. 

Pop Tarts & Papa Bears

Papa Bears and Pop Tarts is a relatively new but well-loved event. Parents/guardians bring a favorite book or pick from one displayed, grab a Pop Tart and make good memories around reading. Thank you PTA!

Ancient Civilizations Parade

In 6th Grade students learn about world history j, including ancient civilizations. Check out the costumes and props included in the annual parade. 

4th Grade Rendezvous

In fourth grade students learn about Utah history. To learn more about the mountain men and women, the students participate in a rendezvous in the spring. This is just one of the activities that the students enjoy!

Family Skate Night

PTA sponsors this semi-annual event that kids love. Hosted on a Monday night, families are invited to gather at Classic Skating in Orem to create some memories outside of class. 

The Space Center

Grovecrest is located in close proximity to the Space Center at Central Elementary. Our 5th and 6th graders schedule field trips to participate in missions that teach 21st century skills 

Clear Creek

Clear Creek is a highlight of 5th grade. Organized into tribes, the students participate in hiking, snowshoeing, ropes course, kickball, sing alongs, skits, and arts & crafts. Parent/guarding volunteers are integral to this event. 

Hope of America

Our 5th graders learn patriotic songs all year to participate in the Hope of America program at the BYU Marriott Center. 

The Dance Festival

The dance festival is an event not to be missed! Parents arrive early every year to save their spot on the hill of the junior high field in order to see the show. Grade levels work hard to learn dances that will bring a smile to their families and friends. 

Field Day

Another PTA-run activity, field day is one of the many events at the end of the year that students look forward to. 


Take a look at this class of 6th graders, all ready to participate in graduation ceremonies followed by the annual 6th grade dance.