Grovecrest PTA

Grovecrest Elementary thrives because of our PTA Involvement. All kids win when you are present. Sign up today and make your child’s voice heard. Thank you for making Grovecrest a great place to be “Under the G”. 

Volunteer at Grovecrest

Look for sign up sheets in your teacher’s classrooms, attend PTA Meetings, or ask a member of the board. (Note: Membership not required to volunteer at the school.) 

Shop at Smiths

Inspiring Donations Program funds are given to Grovecrest PTA when you shop at Smiths and use your rewards account. Go to your account by choosing Grovecrest Elementary, W0853, and click enroll. 

Angie Dodge
[email protected]
President Elect
Aslinn Bedke
[email protected]
Jodee Savage
[email protected]
Alicia Preece
[email protected]

VP Leadership
Cortney Schelin
[email protected]
VP Advocacy
Tamara Oborn
[email protected]
VP Membership
Julane Dodge
[email protected]
VP Public Relations
Julie Bowen
[email protected]